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37mm Hollow Cathode Lamp
51mm Hollow Cathode Lamp
51mm Cableless Hollow Cathode Lamp
Deuterium Lamp
Spectral Lamp
Power Supply & Accessories
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51 mm - 2.0" HCL to suit
 Absorption Spectroscopy Instruments
manufactured by Perkin Elmer 
Available in 2.5 volt and 10 volt heater filament
Pre-aligned and bare lamp version available to suit many UV-Vis and AAS Instruments 
  We can refurbish many pre-aligned D2 lamps
Contact us if your lamp requirement is not listed
For calibration and spectral line analysis
available in
2 bases, 6 elements and 2 multi-element types
                   Lifetime 100 hours
Cadmium, Helium, Mercury, Sodium, Neon, Zinc
Deuterium Lamp Power Supply suitable for most 10V lamps from all manufacturers
                    Compact modular design
                    Mains input 85 - 265V AC
51 mm - 2.0" HCL to suit
 Aanalyst Series Absorption Spectroscopy Instruments
manufactured by Perkin Elmer
Xenon Short Arc Lamps for fluorescence microscopes, spectrometers, cinema projector and print
   Wide Range of wattage and connectors available
            Contact us for your requirements
Xenon Short Arc Lamp
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Tungsten Halogen Lamp
Deuterium Lamp
Spectral Lamp
Xenon Lamp
Power Supply & Accessories
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Hollow Cathode Lamp
Science - Cinema - Stage
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Hollow Cathode Lamps for Varian, Agilent Coded AAS available!