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Power Supply
SpectroLamps offers a D2 Power Supply that is commonly used in UV Spectra Chromatography, Atomic Absorption, UV-Visible Spectrophometers and other Spectroscopic equipment.
To ensure the stability of UV Spectra, the D2 Power Supply has a number of features including the use of high frequency mode, set filament preheat, high voltage trigger and constant current control.
A small compact size, light weight and one of the biggest advantage is applicable to international mains input Voltage in the 85 - 265V AC, no switching is required! The power supply also has control port allowing external control signals (such as CPU or manual) which can easily turn the Deuterium Lamp on or off.
The Deuterium Lamp Switching Power Supply uses specialized design, it's EMI level is A, thus decreases interference to the apparatus circuit.
D2 lamp power supply will operate most D2 Lamps from all manufacturers, including Heraeus, Hamamatsu and Photron.
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Deuterium Lamp Power Supply Data Sheet - 10 Volt
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1). Main voltage: 220-240v
2). Response voltage:less than or equal to 185v
3). Cut -out voltage: greater than or equal to 165v
4). Peak voltage: 6kv
5). Pulse width: greater than or equal to 1us
6). Number of impulse per cycle : greater than or equal to 50n
7). Permissible load capacity: less than or equal to 2000pf
8). Starting power of lamp:400-1000w
9). Start up time 4-5 sec
10). Connection type : Parallel connection
11).max.casing temp: less than or equal to 105c
12). Dimension : 65mm x 30mm x 30mm
The ignitor is commonly used for Spectral Lamps and other types of gas discharge lamp start up. It has a compact structure, is easy to use and provides reliable operation.
Spectral Lamp CD-3 Ignitor
Spectral Lamp E27 Socket
E27 porcelain lampholder and snap-on domes
Rated current: 4A
Rated voltage: 750V
Rated pulse voltage: 5KV
Rated temperature: T270
Material: porcelain

E27 lampholder
Terminals: screw type for rigid or flexible cables
Connection: metal bracket with two M3 threaded holes
Screwed Shell: zinc-plated steel
Spectral Lamp Ballast
Input: 220 - 240 Volt AC
Input Power: 20 watt
Output Voltage: 12 - 15 Volt AC
Output Current: 1 - 1.3 A
Iron Core Construction
Terminals: screw terminal / 4 mm eyelet
Dimension: 80mm x 80mm x 70mm
Weight: 2.2kg
Connection: series connection

150W Xenon Lamp Power Supply

  1. Rated Input Voltage: 220VAC
  2. Range Of Input Voltage:-10% - +20%
  3. Input Frequency:50/60 Hz
  4. Insulation Strength:1500VAC 50/60Hz 2mA 1min
  5. Rated Working Pulse Frequency:70000 Hz(15%)
  6. Rated Loading Output Current:8A(150W)(15%)
  7. Rated Output Voltage:18VDC(150W)
  8. Rated Output Power: 150W
  9. Maximum Output Power:160
  10. Stability Of Voltage: = 5%
  11. Output Current Ripple:=1%
  12. Nominal Life:50000 Hours
  13. Airflow Temperature Of Air-inlet: -40 -+50
  14. Circuit Working efficiency: =88%
  15. Size:220mm X 105mm X 78mm
  16. Certification: CE ROHS

500W Xenon Lamp Power Supply

  1. Rated Input Voltage: 220VAC
  2. Range Of Input Voltage:-10% -- +20%
  3. Input Frequency:50/60 Hz
  4. Rated Working Pulse Frequency:70000 Hz(15%)
  5. Rated Loading Output Current:25A(15%)
  6. Rated Output Voltage:20VDC
  7. Rated Output Power:500W
  8. Maximum Output Power:550W
  9. Stability Of Voltage: =1%(?V: 5%)
  10. Stability Of Loading: =1%(?R: 5%)
  11. Airflow Temperature Of Air-inlet: -40 -+50 ?
  12. Circuit Working efficiency: =88%
  13. Size:220mm X 105mm X 78mm
  14. Certification: CE ROHS
SpectroLamps is able to source xenon power supplies of different wattages.
Please contact us for your requirement.
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