Hollow Cathode Lamps HCL

Hollow Cathode Lamps are primarily used in instruments for Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS). SpectroLamps offers lamps that are designed for optimal performance, chemical sensitivity, emit high intensity at the recommended current resulting in low S/N ratio. Many of the SpectroLamps HCL's operate at lower currents than most lamp competitors and instrument manufacturer's recommended currents for required intensity, resulting in long lifetime of the lamps and saving you on your operating costs.

SpectroLamps Hollow Cathode Lamps are designed to meet or exceed requirements for various types of AAS and provide low detection limits for your most difficult analysis.

  37 mm - 1.5" HCL to suit all AAS
 51 mm - 2.0" HCL 9 pin Perkin Elmer Instruments
 51 mm - 2.0" HCL Perkin Elmer Aanalyst Instruments
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SpectroLamps HCL's are compatible with most atomic absorption spectrometers manufactured by:
Perkin Elmer, Agilent, GBC, Hitachi, Chemito, Shimadzu, Thermo, BUCK, PG Instruments, Unicam, Varian, Analytic Jena and many more......
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