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We are able to supply replacement lamps and components of any quantity required and can have lamps built to your own specifications. Our range of lamps include and can source, xenon lamps, illumination xenon lamps, deuterium lamps, high pressure mercury lamps, hollow cathode lamps, spectral lamps and power supplies for xenon, deuterium and hollow cathode lamps. We have several spectrometers and are able to test many of the products we sell and develop for customers.

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We supply and have satisfied repeat customers throughout Australia and World Wide for Scientific Research Projects, Schools, Universities, Laboratories, Medical and Dental Facilities. We also supply UV products to a variety of industries including, printed circuit board, electronic components, cinema and manufacturing.

Lamps and associated components is our business, our customers are the center of SpectroLamps, they expect performance, reliability, competitive prices, on-time delivery, excellent after sales service & support therefore your satisfaction is extremely important to us. We pride ourselves in offering the best in customer care from beginning to end.
We strive for excellence and appreciate the opportunity to work with you.
With over two decades of production, development, sales of spectral lamps and service of associated products for the spectroscopy industry and working with some of the leading lamp and spectral instrument companies, we decided to start our own business in an endeavour to focus on supplying quality products at the lowest possible cost. With local and international manufacturing, buying power and low operational overheads we ensure that our customers are offered the best prices available.
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